The wine tours will be tailored to each client. We can combine the wine tour with olive oil tasting, gastronomy of the region or original activities to gain a complete experience.


Among the wine routes, we would highlight Priorat, as one of only two regions in Spain where the wines are classified as D.O.Q, the other being La Rioja. Having the term “Qualificada” added to the D.O. classification signifies that the wine is of the highest quality according to the Wine Regulatory Council of Catalonia.

D.O.Q. Priorat

This region has only recently come onto the international stage after transforming itself from one of the poorest regions in Catalonia to one that is present in the top wine reviews of the world.

The secret to Priorat wines is the soil, which is made of slate, called LICORELLA in Catalan. Despite being one of the driest regions in Spain, the vines, many over 100 years old, are able to sustain long droughts thanks to the brittle nature of this licorella, allowing the roots of the vines to grow deep into the ground to find water and also adding mineral characteristics to the wine. The mountainous landscape of Priorat is breathtaking and unique with its steep terraced vineyards and “costers”. This region has over 100 cellars and is very isolated and can be difficult to get to. We will make this trip easy for you by taking care of the transport and by carefully selecting the right cellars to satisfy your expectations.

D.O. Montsant

In the Montsant D.O. we find a younger generation of winemakers that are using their new ideas and methods combined with the wisdom of the elders in area.

There are a large range of Red wines (Montsant is better know for them) and little by little the White wines and the Rosés are becoming more and more prominent. In this area there is also a very special wine, a unique possibility to taste it and worthy highlight: The Kosher Wine. The Kosher wines are made according to Jewish Laws. In Hebrew, “kosher” means pure and refers to the fact that the entire winemaking process (production, handling and supervision) has been certified by a rabbi or by a person authorised by the Jewish community. This wine has a few peculiarities: No chemical substances are used in the vineyard and all the ingredients have to be Kosher. Last but not least we find the Old wine or Vi Ranci. A traditional fortified wine, which is very typical of the Montsant region. It is made by an oxidative process in oak vats based on white or red wines with alcohol level of 12% that eventually achieve levels of around 15-20% of alcoholic volume.

D.O. Conca de Barberà

La Conca de Barberà is located south east of Barcelona in the province of Tarragona. It is a place where you can find real and authentic peace. Here we will take you on a tour to discover one of Catalonia’s special viticultural secrets which is the grape variety known as “TREPAT”. Perfect for rosé wines and “cava”, the TREPAT grape is one of the highlights of this area.

Also along the journey we will visit a biodynamic wine cellar where the winemaker (one of the most colorful characters we have met in Catalonia!) will passionately explain the philosophy behind making biodynamic wines along with the technical approach. This tour will take you on a journey to discover unique wines made from grape varieties indigineous to the area, beautiful monasteries of the XII century and a trip into the past in the medieval village of Montblanc.

D.O. Terra Alta

The most fascinating aspect of Terra Alta is the virginity of the land. This unspoilt and spectacular landscape will take you to a place where not many tourists go, ideal for those who love adventure. It's no wonder why Picasso himself was influenced by this beautiful and historic land when he was living there during two defining periods of his life.

As for the wine, white Garnatxa is the highlight of this area. A unique grape with very high quality that gives a white wine that surprises. It is very close to the Mediterranean Sea and far away from the Atlantic Ocean and has been more fashionable lately. The yellow colour that shows us many different nuances expresses a high intensity in the mouth. This area is located at 2hrs 30mins hours from Barcelona and we strongly recommend a 2 days tour if you really want to get the most from the trip. We will suggest to you 1 day in Terra Alta and 1 day in Priorat or Montsant area for the full experience.

D.O. Penedés

The D.O. Penedés is located halfway between the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona. One of the most visited D.O’s in Catalonia, easy accessible from Barcelona, in 40 minutes you will reach this region where wine tourism is well developed offering a great variety of activities which to choose from.

The area is well known for its white wines, produced with traditional grapes and from others that have been introduced to the region. The most traditional and original grape variety is called ”Xarel.lo”, the true essence of this area. Capable to resist dry and hot conditions displays an aromatic flavour.

The Wine Less Travelled is your best choice to explore this region and have an unforgettable, unique experience.

D.O. Alella

The wines of the Alella D.O located near Barcelona carry a long history dated as far back as The Roman times. Up to this day, they still survive in this small area with limited land in the Catalonian region worthy to discover due to its unique location near the sea.

This exclusive D.O. consist of only 9 vineyards, far from the 100 that are found in other D.O.’s in the Catalonia region. ‘’The Wine less Travelled’’ wants to introduce a personalized service to its customers of the Alella vineyards, receiving direct service from the owners making your visit an outstanding experience.

D.O. Costers del Segre

The D.O Costers del Segre is formed by a mosaic of seven territories spread along the river Segre and part of the Pyrenees. The main Characteristic of its soil is Chalky, and regarding to the weather, this presents dramatic seasonal and daily temperature changes, ideal for the growth of the vineyard.

The local and traditional varieties are Ull de Llebre, Garnatxa and Trepat.

Worth highlighting are the Innovation and modernity applied to its viniculture, emphasising in the sustainability.

We consider this DO a diamond in the rough to be discovered, and the Wine Less Travelled will lead you by the hand.

D.O. Pla de Bages

In the nineteenth century this region had the most D.O wineries in Catalonia. The name Bages came from Bacchus, the Roman God of wine. From Bacchus Bacasis and finally Bages. Today there are 15 affiliated wineries, most of them family-owned with their own vineyard, as a result the wine is made with care in a traditional and personalised way.

This region’s microclimate is characterised by low rainfall and a strong thermal oscillation, as well as a clayey and calcareous soil.

Their wines are impregnated with balsamic notes of lavender, thyme and rosemary. These aromatic plants populate the pine, oak and holm oak forests sorrounding the vineyards.

The Wine less travelled organises the perfect itinerary with local guides for those who want to learn the secrets of Catalonian wine culture from its roots in a real and profound way.

D.O. Empordà

Sea and Mountain. The D.O. Empordà is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyreenes mountain range and shows a beautiful landscape full of contrasts with the Tramuntana wind blowing through its lands. Aside from the visit to the wineyards we propose a guided tour to the rich cultural heritage in the region dated from the Romanesque to the surrealism.

The sandy texture and lack of organic material present in this terrain, makes the Empordà wines one of a kind and best quality in the region. Worth highlighting, is its Sweet natural ”Moscatell de L’Empordà” Perfect with desserts!

The Wine Less Travelled, will take you on a journey through these wineries with tradition passed on from generation to generation. Out of reach to most foreign visitors, they are without doubt protected and admired by the local population.

Additionally we collaborate with other sophisticated wineries in the region to satisfy all our clients activities requests.​


Olive Oil is well known as Liquid Mediterranean Gold. In Catalonia there are 5 Olive Oil protected Designations, 3 of them in the Tarragona Province.

We recommend to you a journey through history and the senses, a journey that started more than 6000 years ago and is still present today playing an essential role in the Mediterranean culture. You will travel back in time and discover how olive oil was made centuries ago and at the same time you will see the current methods.

The tour will start by visiting the olive groves lead by an olive oil master and he will explain the process finishing the visit with a tasting of different varieties of olive oils. Upon request, we can tailor a tour that will cover all fields on how olive oil is utilised nowadays in gastronomy, beauty, healthcare, etc.

D.O.P. Garrigues

D.O.P. Empordà

D.O.P. Terra Alta

D.O.P. Siurana

D.O.P. Baix Ebre - Montsià

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Originally from Reus (a modernist city close to Priorat), Àngels moved to Barcelona to complete a degree in Art History. Both during and after her studies she started to travel around the world discovering her passion for new cultures, learning languages and meeting people from different countries. Somehow although, she always ended up back in Barcelona as this is where she feels is home. Eager to show all the best hidden spots of Barcelona and Catalonia she decided to create “Thewinelesstravelled”. With experience in tour guiding and the art of traveling, Angels is the perfect person to design customized tours of high value. Her ability to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding customers using creativity combined with perfect organization is the best attribute she has. Àngels speaks fluent Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian and can manage Chinese Mandarin at a reasonable level.


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Carlos, from the province of Segovia, in Castille, settled in Catalonia, was brought up in a farm sorrounded by vineyards animals and arable land. 

Wine enthusiast, learnt the art of wine making since chilhood. Flew away to pursuit his dreams and travelled to more than 130 countries around the globe, he is passionate about languages and in a constant learning process he speaks Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, French and Arabic expert in customer relations , with a carrer of 20 years organising events, and welcoming guests from all over the world. Loves nature and the outdoors. enjoys the simple pleasures of life.



With a degree in journalism, speaks fluent English, French, Italian, Catalan and Spanish. He has lived all his life in Barcelona where he works as a local private guide and intrerpreter in large conventions and events. He is passionate about this city and Catalonia’s cultural heritage. Since a few years ago has expanded his expertise to the Catalonian wine regions where he has researched extensively about wine and history, making Jordi the perfect host to take you on this magical journey.


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Michelle, born in Australia of Italian descent, her soul has always been in the Mediterranean, and specially in Catalonia, where she has stabilised her permanent residence, devoted to this land she has research it in depth making her an accomplished expert in the region. Her passion for wine goes beyond curiosity and she is studying to become a sommelier in the prestigious ‘’ESHOB’’ Hospitality college in Barcelona. Her enthusiasm to expand her knowledge has taken Michelle to explore half of the world, learning languages and discovering the most remote places. She is fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish; experienced in customer services she is the perfect host to lead you in one of our exclusive experiences.

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